Comfy Bamboo Women’s Ankle Socks in Gift Box White Black 3 Pack


COMFORTABLE – Silky Touch and Soft: If you have ever touched cashmere or silk, the softness is very similar. The Softness is what makes bamboo socks so much more comfortable than regular cotton. Bamboo socks are super soft and form fitting without seams. They will not wrinkle or bunch and help reduce irritation. The best description for Comfy socks came from one of our happy customer: ??Feels like wearing a cloud?. FINE FIT AND DURABLE ? Stays Up ? Comfy socks will stay up without being too tight. Minimize the socks marks on the legs. They are reinforced in the toe and heel for durability. PERFECT FOR EXCESSIVE SWEATY FEET AND EXTRA SENSITIVE SKIN CONDITIONS – Moisture Wicking and Breathable – It is designed to channel any moisture (sweat) away from your feet. Regular cotton socks absorbs rather than wicks away. Ideal for anyone with outdoor jobs or anyone working within hot environments where you start to feel the heat after only a short time. Bamboo is bacteria resistant and hypoallergenic. Great with extra sensitive skin ( Circulating Problems, Edema, Neuropathy, Hyperhidrosis) HELPS GET RID OF SMELLY FEET – Odor Resistant – Bamboo socks keep your feet cool in summer and warm in winter. Most people would like their feet to remain fresh and odor-free. Bamboo socks are composed of naturally anti-bacterial bamboo fibers which reduce foot odor almost 4 times more than cotton socks. 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED OR YOUR MONEY BACK!!! Size 6-10, All Orders Over 2 Pairs Ship in Comfy Box.


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