FOOTPLUS Unisex Ankle Copper GolfRunning Socks


98% Polyester, 2% Elastane with Copper COPPER SOCKS- The addition of copper can produce a protected area. The blended fabric is very soft and smooth PREMIUM COMFORT FIT- The cushioned sole gives FOOTPLUS performance cushion socks a soft feel. The spandex arch support provides arch protection. The hand-lined seamless toe ensures protection against yarn chaffing and irritation caused by traditional toe seams. The heel tab prevents the socks from slipping down FASTER RECOVERY- Enhanced blood circulation by improving venous return. Reduced muscle oscillation and vibration, providing stability to the muscle, resulting in a faster and easier recovery, improved performance ALL SPORTS- FOOTPLUS performance sports socks are not too thick or too thin. Professionally customized for all sports, mountain climbing, football, hiking, running, tennis, marathon, hockey, soccer, basketball, golf, cycling, etc. Black and white, ankle and crew length, simple style socks fit any everyday dressing for adults and teenagers SIZE- Two sizes: Medium: Men 5-9 US; Women 6-10 US. Large: Men 9-12 US; Women 10-13 US


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