If You Love Me Bring Me Some Wine Socks Soft Comfortable Hilarious Novelty Gift


?ADORABLE GIFT PACKAGING: The funny fuzzy socks will make the perfect present for every chocolate lover and for every occasion! The chocolate socks come in a cute cupcake gift packaging so you can give it to your wife, best friend, co-worker, sister or any wine enthusiast you love, for birthday, anniversaries, Christmas or Valentine??s Day. Pair the socks with a nice chocolate and turn them into the most original 21st birthday gift! ?CUTE AND STYLISH: These amazing novelty socks come in cute pastel pink that every woman and girl will love. The fuzzy socks have an adorable design and they are very stylish, so you can be cozy and enjoy being lazy at home in style! ?PERFECTLY COMFY: The chocolate socks are very fluffy and soft so you will feel incredibly comfortable and cozy while wearing them. The fuzzy socks are very warm, so you can keep your feet nice during the winter while enjoying a piece of delicious chocolate! ?ANTI-SLIP RUBBER LETTERS: the fuzzy chocolate socks have anti-slip rubber letters on the bottom for perfect stability while walking around the house. ?ESSENTIAL FOR EVERY CHOCOLATE LOVER: Wouldn??t it be awesome if you could just lie on the couch and someone brought you a piece of chocolate, without even having to ask for it? The socks have ??If you can read this, bring me some chocolate? written on the bottom, so you can just sit back, relax, and demand to be served! Let the world know how much you love chocolate, and enjoy some lazy moments on the sofa!


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