Pendleton Tall Shaker Stitch Boot Sock


Fabric lining Slip-On closure LUXURY LINING: Crafted from a machine-washable, indulgently soft 100% Polyester fleece, these socks add a breathable, yet warm and insulating layer to Pendleton rain boots. PERFECT FIT: Made specifically to wear with Pendleton rain boots, these boot socks come in two sizes: Medium fits women’s shoe sizes 5-7; Large fits women’s shoe sizes 8-10. UNIQUE CONSTRUCTION: While called a sock, it’s put together like a boot would be, with seaming throughout the back of the leg, around the ankle, at the toe cap, and around the sole. STYLE TO BOOT: These fleece socks aren’t just thick and cushy; their fold-over 100% Acrylic shaker-stitch cable knit cuffs feature the Pendleton logo, front and center, to signal all the status of this highly regarded heritage brand. MULTI USE: These boot socks can also function as slippers or booties. Wear them indoors to help keep you comfortably toasty.


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