Sock It To Me No Show Our Powers Combined


QUIRKY DESIGNS – Fear not. These majestic unicorns aren’t attacking each other. They are galloping toward one another as fast as they can to join forces. A unicorn nexus. Maybe they have an equally powerful enemy, or maybe they’ve just always known they’d be stronger together. STYLISH AND COMFORTABLE – Your toes will be cozy in these eye-catching, sleek, comfy socks. DURABLE, SOFT, AWESOME – These colorful socks are made in Korea from 58% cotton, 39% polyester, 3% spandex. SHOW YOUR FEET SOME LOVE – Silicone grip and contoured knit help keep them on your feet, unisex design works with a variety of feet and shoes, and each pair is uniquely mismatched for extra fun. TREAD FABULOUSLY – Make your feet happy with these durable, super-soft, high-quality socks. Unisex; Small fits women’s shoe 6?8 and men’s shoe 4?6.


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