Yoga Socks for Women Non Skid Slipper Socks with Grips Barre Socks Pilates Socks for Women


{ NON SLIPPING WHILE WORKING OUT} The textured spots on the bottom extend far enough side-to-side and across the entire bottom of the socks – from above the ball of the foot and back to cover the entire heel area – to ensure a true no-slip grip on tile and hardwood floors. They keep your feet firmly planted on your mat. { PREVENT FALLS ON SLIPPERY WOOD AND STONE FLOORS} The grip is perfect for keeping you steady without having to wear heavy house slippers. if you love slipping and sliding all over the floor, then you will hate these socks. { COZY ,COMFORTABLE AND STURDY} The grip material is undecteable, you won??t feel odd stepping on them. These non skid socks have plenty of cushion, you can’t feel the grippy spots on the bottom when you are standing on tile surfaces, unlike other grip socks that make you feel like you are stepping on weird lumps. { HELP ABSORB SWEAT AND KEEP YOUR FEET DRY } If your feet sweat a lot and due to sweating your feet have bad odor, you need these yoga socks, The unique mesh design on the top of the socks conducts the sweat and moisture out, increases the breathability and help on repelling sweat and reducing odor. so that you feel comfortable all the day. { YOU GET A PACKAGE OF 3 BLACK NON SKID SOCKS} The package of 3 allows for laundering without a wait period. They are great for in-home hard surface flooring that can cause slipping as plain socks do.


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